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Auto-sales-statistics-China-Youngman_Lotus-logoYoungman Lotus Sales Data & Trends for the Chinese Automotive Market

Youngman Lotus was a brand of China Youngman Auto Group Co. and founded by Pang Qingnian, who also tried to acquire Saab from bankruptcy in 2011. Youngman used to be the Chinese importer of Lotus cars, and now builds its own passenger cars, engineered with the assistance of the United Kingdom-based Lotus Engineering and therefore uses the Youngman Lotus brand. The company appears to have ceased operations and closed dealerships halfway through 2015, and according to media the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers stopped reporting Youngman Lotus sales numbers because they were “way off” from registration numbers.

Sales figures for the Youngman Lotus L3 hatchback, L3 sedan, L3 GT, L5 sedan, L5 sportback.

Car sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.

Annual Vehicle Sales

Annual Vehicle Sales Chart


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  1. I like this article as it sheds some light on an episode in Youngman’s history that was very cloudy. Judging by Geely’s recent experience with the enigmatic Proto-Lotus of Malaysia, perhaps the confusion wasn’t all Youngman’s fault.

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