Auto-sales-statistics-China-Volkswagen_Jetta-sedanSales figures for the Volkswagen Jetta in China.

The European Jetta is sold in China as the Volkswagen Sagitar. In 2013 the Chinese Jetta was finally renewed, after having been in production since 1991 and having been developed in the early 1980s. Read more about this interesting story in our Post-retirement in China article. In 2019, FAW-Volkswagen launched a new brand in China, aimed at young, low-budget buyers. This brand was named Jetta and its first model was a rebadged 2013 VW Jetta sedan named Jetta VA3.

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Car sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.




Previous generation:

Jetta Pionier (2010-2013)


Jetta König (1998-2010)


Jetta (1991-1998)


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