Auto-sales-statistics-China-Nanjing_Yuejin_Soyat-facelift-hatchbackSales figures for the Nanjing Yuejin Soyat in China.

The Soyat is a redesign of the first generation Seat Ibiza (1984-1993), from which Nanjing Auto bought the license and tooling after that model’s end of production in Europe. Nanjing Yuejin also produced a Seat Inca-style wagon, called Unique. The car was facelifted in 2007 (pictured above), but production ended that same year when the company merged with SAIC.

Car sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.


Nanjing Yuejin
2008 0
2007 419
2006 793
2005 3.431
2004 3.756
2003 180
2002 0


Pre-facelift (2003-2007), next to a Nanjing Yuejin Unique:



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