Lynk & Co China Sales Figures

Lynk & Co China Sales Figures

Data & Charts for Total Lynk & Co Brand Sales in China

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Lynk & Co is an upmarket brand from Geely Holding group, which places it between its mainstream Geely brand and premium Volvo brand. Lynk & Co was launched onto the Chinese market in December 2017, then expanded to Europe in April 2021 and plans to enter the US market in the next couple of years.

The cars are sold in China through a network of company-owned stores, and via internet in cooperation with the e-commerce giant Alibaba, after which Lynk & Co will deliver them at the buyer’s home. For service, there will be a pick up and return service. Another novelty to the Lynk & Co concept is that the models will not be offered with a choice of options and trim levels, but instead will offer just a few fully equipped variants with a fixed price, called Collections.

Another Lynk & Co innovation is the system which allows for shared ownership, replacing the key with a smartphone app connected to a Lynk & Co cloud. This will allow a group of people to buy and share one Lynk & Co car, after software will automatically split ownership costs based on usage. This system also allows an owner to rent the car out when he doesn’t need it, similar to house rentals via AirBnB. An app will match the owners with renters. Finally, Lynk & Go will launch an open application programming interface (API), which lets third-party developers develop apps for Lynk & Co vehicles, which can be downloaded via an app store, similar to those in smartphones.

Sales figures for the Lynk & Co 01, 02, 03, 05, 06 and any other car model produced and sold in China since the early 2000’s.

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Car sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.

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