Auto-sales-statistics-China-Kia_KX7-SUVMonthly and annual sales figures for the Kia KX7 in China.

The KX7 is a slightly redesigned Kia Sorento, which previously had been imported into China. Since we only publish sales figures of locally produced models, we’re unable to compare how the KX7 performs against its imported twin. The KX7 has a sharper grille and headlights than the Sorento, and the C-pillar and rear design is also slightly different. What’s more, the KX7 has an 8cm shorter wheelbase than its original and is 5cm shorter overall. Dimensions are 4.730/1.890/1.690mm with a 2.700mm wheelbase. And whereas the Sorento is available with an optional diesel engine outside the big cities, the KX7 only has three petrol engine options: a 2-liter with 163hp/203Nm, a 2,4-liter with 188hp/241Nm and a 2-liter turbo with 241hp/353Nm, all mated to 6-speed manuals or 6-speed automatic gearboxes. Four-wheel drive is optional, except on the non-turbo 2-liter. 

Thanks to local production, it’s a lot cheaper than the Sorento and both models will be sold alongside each other. The imported Sorento is priced from 237.800 to 362.600 yuan (from € 32.000,-/US$ 34,400 to € 48.800,-/US$ 52,500) and the locally produced KX7 fits exactly under that, with prices ranging from 179.800 to 276.800 yuan (from € 24.200,-/US$ 26,000 to € 37.250,-/US$ 40,000). Those prices put the KX7 on par with the Buick Envision, below the Ford Edge and above the larger GAC Trumpchi GS8.

Car sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.

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January 298 354 13 2
February 913 125 2
March 813 390 6
April 609 204 2 177
May 612 195
June 375 80 1
July 373 85 1
August 441 184
September 388 33 2
October 353 195 1
November 375 122
December 462 60 1

2019 29
2018 2.027
2017 6.012



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