Auto-sales-statistics-China-JAC_S1_Rein-SUVSales figures for the JAC S1 Rein in China.

The S1 Rein is a copy of the first generation Hyundai Santa Fe, for which JAC and Hyundai had negotiated the possibilities of local production by the former. When the deal fell through and production of the Santa Fe started by Hawtai, JAC took revenge by copying the design and undercut the price of the Hyundai and even the Hawtai models. Read more about this story and other models that continued production in China after having been retired from their original market.

Car sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.


S1 Rein
2014 2
2013 2.732
2012 8.470
2011 11.027
2010 18.862
2009 11.750
2008 10.251
2007 5.521


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