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Hongqi is a brand of FAW First Auto Works, which started production in 1958 and was the first domestic Chinese maker of passenger cars, hence the name First Auto Works. Hongqi models initially were reserved only for government party elite. In 1995, the second generation Hongqi model was introduced, based on the Audi 100. Hongqi also made a “Flagship” model based on the Lincoln Town car, but no more than a few hundred of these have been produced. The third generation was based on the Toyota Crown and was introduced in 2006. It was not very popular, because by this time the Hongqi brand was considered to be an imitator of foreign models, so government officials preferred the “real” foreign models, most notably the Audi A6L, also produced by FAW under its FAW-Audi Joint Venture. Production of that Hongqi HQ3 Shengshi ended in 2010.

The brand was resurrected in 2013, when the Hongqi H7 was launched onto the Chinese car market, again based on the Toyota Crown. The H5 sedan, based on the Mazda6 Atenza, was launched in 2018. The brand then was turned into a luxury brand for the masses with subsequent model launches, reaching volumes never seen before.

Also find sales figures for the Hongqi H5, H7, E-HS3, HS5, HS7 and any other car model produced and sold in China since the early 2000’s. Car sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.

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