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Hanteng Autos was established in 2013, it is a brand of Jiangxi Hanteng Automobile Co., Ltd, founded by Tech-New Group, which is also the parent of Zotye Auto.

Hanteng Autos has ambitious goals: the company has a total investment budget of 3,7 billion yuan (€ 500 million / US$ 537 million) and has built a factory with a capacity for the production of 100.000 cars per year. By 2020 the brand wants to offer a line-up of 5 vehicles on 3 platforms: 4 SUV/crossovers and one MPV, including at least one PHEV.

Its first vehicle was introduced in September 2016, the Hanteng X7 SUV, basically a rebadged Zotye T600. Its second model was launched in November 2017, the X5 SUV. The brand subsequently launched New Energy versions from its two SUV models and in July 2019 followed up with the V7 MPV.

Also find sales figures for the Hanteng X5, X7, V7.

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Car sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.

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