Auto-sales-statistics-China-Geely_Borui_GE-sedanSales figures for the Geely Borui GE in China.

The Borui GE is the hybrid version of the Geely Borui (also sold as Geely Emgrand GT in other markets). It is offered in both hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions.

The Borui GE hybrid is powered by a 1,5-liter turbocharged 3-cylinder engine from Volvo (also used in the XC40 for example), combined with a Geely P0 electric motor. The electric motor never powers the front wheels directly.

The Borui GE PHEV is powered by the same petrol engine, but has a larger 11,5 kW/h lithium battery.

Car sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.


Borui GE
Borui GE
Borui GE
January 2.873 458
February 808 142
March 1.188 459
April 742 337
May 1.406
June 3.302 1.414
July 3.684 1.031
August 4.407 1.241
September 5.139 1.277
October 3.552 1.453
November 3.487 1.482
December 1.232 2.781

Borui GE
2019 17.696
2018 24.803


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