Auto-sales-statistics-China-GAC_Trumpchi_GM8-MPVSales figures for the GAC Trumpchi GM8 in China.

The GM8 is a large MPV which will compete with the successful Buick GL8 (hence its name GM8) and the Honda Odyssey in China. As opposed to other domestic brands that have tried to go head-to-head with the GL8, GAC has understood that it shouldn’t be a cheap alternative but instead luxurious, as most buyers of this type of vehicle in China are luxury taxi companies. It therefore offers modern styling, a posh interior and alle the features Buick also offers, yet at a lower price point: 176.800 Yuan (€ 22.500,- / US$27,500) to 259.800 Yuan (€ 33.000,- / US$ 40,300) compared to a starting price of 229.900 Yuan (€ 29.200,- / US$ 35,700) for the GL8, which can cost double its base price in the luxury Avenir version.

The Trumpchi GM8 is GAC’s largest vehicle to date at 5.066/1.923/1.822mm with a 3.000mm wheelbase, seating seven in a 2/2/3 setup, and an even longer version with more seats will be offered later. It is powered by the same engine as the GS8 crossover: a 2-liter engine with 200hp and 320Nm of torque, mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.


Car sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.


Trumpchi GM8
Trumpchi GM8
Trumpchi GM8
Trumpchi GM8
January 1.001 1.792 2.141
February 775 906 337
March 2.672 1.768 1.330
April 3.000 2.456 1.527
May 3.231 2.026 2.300
June 4.005 1.755
July 3.502 713
August 2.690 980
September 2.786 1.758
October 2.149 2.299
November 1.883 3.425
December 550 3.075 3.219

Trumpchi GM8
2019 23.097
2018 30.769
2017 550



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