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China auto sales statistics for Ford only include the models that are locally produced in China through the Chang’an-Ford Joint Venture with local manufacturing partner Changan Auto, and excludes import models. We do publish sales figures of some imported Ford models, as well as Lincoln, separately.

In order to keep up with surging demand and to quickly add capacity in China, Changan Auto will convert the factory of the now defunct Hafei brand to build up to 200.000 Ford passenger cars per year in the former Hafei factory in Harbin, North-East China.

Ford also has a Joint Venture with Jiangling Motors Co. (JMC) for the production of its commercial vehicles Transit, Transit Classic and Tourneo. At the end of 2015, Jiangling also started production of the Ford Everest SUV as the first passenger car it will build for the American brand, followed by the Territory in 2019, which was based on an existing JMC model.

Also find Ford European sales figures and Ford US sales figures.

Monthly Vehicle Sales

Annual Vehicle Sales

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Also find sales figures for the Ford Fiesta, Escort, Focus, Mondeo, Mondeo Classic, Taurus, EcoSport, Territory, Kuga, Escape, Everest, Edge, TourneoTransit, S-Max. Also find sales figures of the imported Ford Focus ST and RS, Mustang, Explorer and F-150 Raptor.

Car sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.

Sources: Manufacturers, Chooseauto.

  1. It is my understanding that there have been many Mustangs sold in China this year, but they do not appear in this article or as a pulldown window option. Do you have any information on Mustang and Camaro sales in China?

    1. Hi John,
      thanks for your interest in our site and in our data.
      The Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro are not locally produced in China, but imported from the US. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to find reliable and consistent data for imported vehicles in China, therefore the data on this site only includes sales of domestically produced cars, that’s why you can’t find it.

    2. Hi John,

      I’ve been asking around for your question and I got the following data from Ford: Mustang sales are up 38 percent in the first three quarters of 2016 for a total of 2,348 sales.

  2. Thank you for the response and followup Bart.
    The competition between Camaro and Mustang enthusiasts invariably lead to a discussion in forums about monthly sales. Yours is the only site where I have seen European sales numbers, and any reference to Chinese car sales. We only find the odd news article about sales outside of US, Canada, and Europe in places such as Australia, China, and nothing from the rest of the 80 or so other countries where Ford is selling Mustangs.
    Is there any chance that your Ford contacts would tell you how many Mustangs in total they have exported in 2016?

  3. If you compare the figures above with figures from well-known data provider, CAIN (China Automotive Information Net) the figures are very different, please see figures for 2016.

    Any ideas why they might be so different?

    CAIN -“Changan Ford” China Sales – CarSalesBase – Difference
    110,569.00 97,334.00 13,235.00
    48,207.00 64,475.00 -16,268.00
    79,699.00 90,305.00 -10,606.00
    64,448.00 61,184.00 3,264.00
    67,910.00 51,478.00 16,432.00
    64,021.00 60,596.00 3,425.00
    68,375.00 66,711.00 1,664.00
    77,811.00 73,229.00 4,582.00
    84,275.00 96,482.00 -12,207.00

  4. I find it very, V E R Y hard to believe the Mustang is not made in China.

    I have seen so, so many Mustangs on the street, er, you can HEAR them on the street in China, and imports are prohibitively expensive to the extent that, if it’s not something super high end, it’s not imported.

    Setting up production of a car in China is trivially easy, in the case of Ford or MBZ or anyone else with one of those forced “joint ventures”, it doesn’t even need to involve the foreign company if they don’t want to do it. Do you think Land Rover had to help them much to get the “Land Wind” into production?

    There are lots of Mustangs there, and even quite a few of the high end models. I think I maybe saw one Camaro in China in 20 trips.

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