FAW China Sales Figures

FAW China Sales Figures

Data & Charts for Total FAW Brand Sales in China


First Automobile Works Sales Data & Trends for the Chinese Automotive Market

FAW First Automobile Works, established in 1953, produces and markets cars under the FAW, FAW Bestune, FAW Freewin, FAW Hongqi, Sitech, FAW Jiefang and Haima (sub-)brands and has manufacturing Joint Ventures with Audi, Mazda, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Also find sales figures for the FAW Besturn B30, Besturn B50, Besturn B70, Besturn B90, Besturn X40, Besturn X80, Bestune T33Bestune T77, Bestune T99, Hongqi H5, Hongqi H7, Hongqi E-HS3, Hongqi HS5, Hongqi HS7, Oley, Tianjin Xiali (Charade)Junpai A50, Junpai A70, Junpai D60, Junpai D80, Junpai CX65, Vita V2, Vita Weizhi, Xenia, Senia R7, Senia R9, Freewin, Jianxing, Vela, Vizi.

Car sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.

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Annual Vehicle Sales

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