Auto-sales-statistics-China-FAW_Honqi_HQ3_Shengshi-sedanSales figures for FAW Hongqi in China (2006-2010 HQ3 Shengshi pictured)

In 1995, the second generation Hongqi models was introduced, based on the Audi 100. The regular, 1.8 liter engine, model was called the Hongqi Mingshi, while the premium version with a Nissan 2.0 V6 engine was called the Hongqi Century Star. Hongqi also made a “Flagship” model based on the Lincoln Town car, but no more than a few hundred of these have been produced. Read more about this interesting story in our Post-retirement in China article.

The third generation was based on the Toyota Crown and was introduced in 2006. It was not very popular, because by this time the Hongqi brand was considered to be an imitator of foreign models, so government officials preferred the “real” foreign models, most notably the Audi A6L. Production of the Hongqi HQ3 Shengshi ended in 2010.

The brand was resurrected in 2013 and a revival of Hongqi as a high-volume domestic luxury brand was started in 2018.

Car sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.


2011 2
2010 193
2009 776
2008 2.268
2007 3.008
2006 10.307
2005 9.036
2004 15.057
2003 27.018
2002 30.165
2001 17.094
2000 15.365
1999 15.731
1998 14.951
1997 21.824


Hongqi Mingshi (Audi 100)


Hongqi Century Star (Audi 100)


Hongqi Flagship (Lincoln Town Car)


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