Chery Exeed TX / TXL China Sales Figures

The Exeed TX and TXL are the first models from the new Exeed brand under Chery. They are a couple of SUVs on the same platform, with a different length and wheelbase. The dimensions of the TX are 4.690/1.885/1.706mm with a wheelbase of 2.715mm and the TXL is 85mm longer in length and wheelbase, giving it room for a third row.

Car sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.


Exeed TX / TXL
Exeed TX / TXL
January 1.675
February 437
March 877
April 951
May 1.040
June 1.758 1.131
July 1.486 1.400
August 1.053 1.555
September 1.640 635
October 2.039 1.209
November 2.203
December 2.001

Exeed TX / TXL
2019 15.994


Exeed TX:

Exeed TXL rear view:


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