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Enranger / Yingzhi Sales Data & Trends for the Chinese Automotive Market

Enranger (Yingzhi in Chinese) is a brand of Weichai Auto, a subsidiary of Weichai Power, one of China’s biggest engine manufacturers and automotive suppliers, probably best known outside of China for its sponsorship of the Ferrari F1 team.

The Enranger brand was launched in 2015 but remained unsuccessful, production ended in 2019 after fewer than 100.000 cars, as Weichai launched a replacement brand VGV, which stands for Weichai Group Vehicle.

Also find sales figures for the Enranger (Yingzhi) G3 SUV, G5 SUV, 737 MPV, 727 MPVCar sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.

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