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Chery auto, established in the 1960s, produces and markets cars under the Chery, Cowin, Karry and Exeed (sub-)brands in China (and in the past also Rely and Riich) and has manufacturing Joint Ventures with Jaguar and Land Rover. Chery was also a 50% shareholder in Qoros auto. Some of its models are also assembled in Italy under the DR-motor brand.

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Also find sales figures for the Chery Arrizo 3, Arrizo 5, Arrizo 5eArrizo 7, Arrizo GX, Arrizo M7, Cowin 2, Cowin C3, Cowin X3 SUV, Cowin X5 SUV, Cowin V3 MPV, Cowin 3, E3, E5, eQ, eQ1, Fulwin 2, QQ, Ruitesi Q2, Rely V5 (Eastar Cross), Rely X5, Riich G6, Riich M1, Riich X1, Tiggo 3, Tiggo 5, Tiggo 5x, Tiggo e, Tiggo 7, Tiggo 8, Exeed TX/TXL, A1, A3, A5, Riich R2, Riich G3, Riich G5, Qqme, Eastar, Fengyun Windcloud, Cowin, Cowin 1, Cowin 5, Tiggo.

Car sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.

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