Chery Fengyun Windcloud China Sales Figures

Auto-sales-statistics-China-Chery_Fengyun_Windcloud-sedanSales figures for the Chery Fengyun Windcloud in China.

The Fengyun Windcloud was the first model produced by Chery, even before the company had acquired a license to produce cars from the Chinese government. It was produced on the obsolete production line of the first generation Seat Toledo, which Seat had sold to Chery without knowledge of its parent company Volkswagen, on whose platform the Toledo had been built. The Windcloud would then compete with the Chinese Volkswagen Jetta. Read more about this story and other models that continued production in China after their retirement.

Car sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.


Fengyun Windcloud
2012 81.759
2011 82.787
2010 74.605
2009 9.538
2005 24.554
2004 23.149
2003 45.930


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