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BYD Auto, short for Build Your Dreams, was established in 2003 and markets the BYD brand in China, specializes in electric vehicles and has a manufacturing Joint Venture with Daimler to produce and market the Denza EV brand.

  • 2018 BYD total sales included 152.150 EV sales (E6, e5, Qin EV, Qin Pro EV, Yuan EV and Song EV) and 72.986 PHEV sales (Tang, Qin PHEV and Qin Pro PHEV)
  • 2017 BYD total sales included 38.571 EV sales (E6, e5 and Qin EV) and 35.170 PHEV sales (Tang and Qin PHEV)
  • 2016 BYD total sales included 46.426 EV sales (E6, e5 and Qin EV) and 53.502 PHEV sales (Tang and Qin PHEV)
  • 2015 BYD total sales included 8.455 EV sales (E6 and e5) and 50.273 PHEV sales (Tang and Qin PHEV)
  • 2014 BYD total sales included 3.560 EV sales (E6) and 14.747 PHEV sales (Qin PHEV)

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Car sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.

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