Monthly and annual sales figures for the BYD Yuan in China.

The BYD Yuan is a small crossover for China available with either petrol and hybrid power trains, with an EV added later. The gasoline powered version was discontinued in 2018 and replaced by the BYD S2. Both the Yuan EV and the S2 continue to be sold alongside each other.

Car sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.


January 2.733 10.093 1.202
February 1.068 114 4.332 505
March 878 2.009 1.909 10.021 2.009
April 3.109 2.044 1.916 6.428 1.591
May 5.248 2.032 1.034 6.044 1.714
June 6.161 1.939 2.553 6.566 1.737
July 5.045 2.248 4.563 4.320 1.801
August 5.268 2.080 4.752 4.127 1.015
September 5.568 2.289 5.008 3.051
October 4.333 1.744 5.803 3.072
November 5.072 1.977 6.188 2.412
December 5.156 1.241 8.021 1.434

2019 61.900
2018 41.861
2017 23.404
2016 45.838


Sources: Manufacturers, Chooseauto.

  1. Thank you for making this page (BYD Yuan) and the entire website available; it really is a great source and resource.

    I was hoping that the BYD Yuan 2018 Sales data would be available by now. Does know when it might become available, or why it is delayed?

    1. Hi John,

      that’s right, January 2018 sales figures for the Chinese market have already been published, but CAAM (China Association of Automobile Manufacturers) did not report sales for the Yuan this month. They did for the other BYD models, so it could either be a glitch in their reporting or there could have been a constraint in the deliveries, as our data reflects wholesale deliveries from the manufacturer to the dealers, not retail registrations.

      1. Hi Bart; Thank you for clarifying. I guess we’ll understand the situation better some time next week, meaning that either the Feb. sales volume data for the BYD Yuan will or won’t be reported by CAAM in a timely manner. I’ve noticed that some manufacturers report model level monthly sales volume data via their websites or via their official filings on the stock exchange websites on which their companies are listed. Unfortunately BYD does not. Oh well, a good opportunity to practice patience 😉

  2. I see the BYD Yuan Feb. sales data point is now in; only 114 cars sold in Feb.? Wow that’s a big drop in sales.

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