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BAIC or Beijing Auto Works, established in 1958, markets the (sub-)brands Beijing Jeep (BAW), Beiqi, Foton, Senova / Saab and Weiwang in China and has manufacturing Joint Ventures with Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai, as well as Yinxiang Motorcycle Group for the Huansu and Bisu brands. It also owns the resurrected Borgward brand through its commercial vehicle division Foton Motor, the Arcfox EV brand through its ownership of BJEV, as well as 70% of Changhe Auto.

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Also find sales figures for the BAIC Beijing Jeep, BJ212, BJ20, BJ40, BJ80C, BJ90, EC180, EX200, EU-SeriesE-Series EV, Luba, Qishi, Senova CC, Senova D20, Senova D50, Senova D70, Senova D80, Senova EV, Senova X25, Senova Zhida X3, Senova X35, Senova X55, Senova X65, Weiwang M20, Weiwang M30, Weiwang M50, Weiwang S50, Yongshi, Yusheng007.

Car sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.

Sources: Manufacturers, Chooseauto.

  1. Other sources (eg Xinhua) indicate a total of 2.4 million sales for BAIC.
    437,763 seems low, and not to include the joint ventures you mention.

    1. Hi Lawrence,
      thanks for your reply. Indeed the 2.4 million sales for 2018 are including its Joint Ventures: BAIC sold 437.000 cars under its proprietary brands and subsidiaries like BAW, BJEV, Huansu and Senova, plus an additional 26.000 under Bisu and 47.000 under Changhe. BAIC also produced 790.000 cars for Hyundai under Beijing-Hyundai and 485.000 cars for Mercedes-Benz under Beijing-Benz. Then there were some exports (I estimate around 30.000) to countries like Chile, Mexico and Philippines. The remaining 600.000 or so are from its truck and bus brand Foton.

  2. BJ 40 said to be a copy of Wrangler looks quite different. There should be some comparative review of these two vehicles just for interest sake.

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