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Arcfox was launched at the end of 2017, it is an upscale electric car only brand, owned by BJEV, a subsidiary of BAIC (Beijing Auto Industry Corporation), also know as Beijing Auto. In contrast with most cheap and small Chinese LSEVs (Low Speed Electric Cars), Arcfox is aiming for a premium image, that should attract young hipsters in China’s big cities. The brand is also planning to launch car sharing schemes for its vehicles.

Arcfox has hired German engineering consultancy EDAG and former Alfa Romeo and Volkswagen Group designer Walter de Silva (known from the Alfa Romeo 156 and Audi R8, among many others) to design its initial range of models. Its first model is the Arcfox Lite, a funky two-seater with LED bars in the front and rear that can display customized text (in Chinese and alphabetic) or graphics.

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