Acura RDX Sales Data & Trends for the Chinese Automotive Market

The Acura RDX is easily Acura’s most sporty crossover. With an aggressive and distinct front end it is aggressive and definitely stands out compared with its competitors. The RDX is essentially a single model that can be equipped with several distinct packages. The Acura RDX is a midsize crossover SUV that has a nice balance of exciting driving experience, along with best-in-class luxury and performance for the typically reasonable Acura pricing.

Monthly and annual sales figures for the Acura RDX in China. Below we have the sales figures for the Acura RDX in the Chinese automotive market. This data comes from the manufacturer directly. View the data tables of the total number of new Acura RDX vehicles sold in the U.S. in a given month and year.

Car sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.

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Vehicle Sales Data & Charts

January 370 377
February 358 14
March 466 317
April 564 596
May 438 438
June 1.043 719
July 129 501
August 95 509
September 910 601
October 807 541
November 363 851 492
December 190 924 700

2020 5.805
2019 6.955
2018 553

Source: Manufacturer