BMW China-only 1-Series Sedan [w/ Poll]

BMW 1-Series Sedan

The other day BMW finally revealed the long-awaited 1-Series Sedan, a fine-looking premium compact sedan that will go head-to-head with Audi A3 Sedan and Mercedes-Benz CLA. The model is a production version of the Compact Sedan Concept (what an imaginative name that was…), and seems to have inherited most of the concepts good looks, including a front that looks better-balanced than the awkward 1-series Hatchback or the Coupe. For now BMW did not reveal what platform the Sedan is based on, leading many to assume that rather than being based on the RWD platform of the Hatch/Coupe, it is based on the FWD “UKL2” platform from the 1-series Active Tourer / X1.

In addition to BMW being coy about its underpinnings, the reveal also came with the surprising announcement that the model will for now be only sold in China. This surprised many, as the success of the Audi A3 Sedan and Mercedes-Benz CLA in places like the US and even Europe suggests that BMW would do well to sell the 1-Series Sedan in those markets as well. It may still do that, though, and possibly it used the reveal to score brownie points with Chinese buyers for now, who will appreciate the exclusive access to this model. But we’re interesting in hearing what do you think:

Should BMW sell the 1-Series Sedan outside of China?

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  1. Of course people would buy this car for one simple reason: it’s a BMW. The uncharacteristic 2 Series AT/GT is a hit as well. Most BMW owners don’t even know their car is RWD. They just go for the brand’s ‘image’. So a 1 series Sedan with FWD won’t be a problem for dealers to attract customers. But I’m happy they’re not going to sell this car in Europe. It would definitely hurt sales of the 3 Series. Besides, Mini is thinking of building a Mini Sedan. BMW shouldn’t want to fill every niche.

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