Blast from the past: Porsche 932 Panamera II

The other day I alluded to the Porsche 989 Panamera concept, the stillborn 4-door Porsche was considering in the early 1990s. Although that car was never officially shown to the public, its existence was a well-known fact among Porsche-files. What is less well-known is that after it ceased developing the 989, Porsche produced another concept, the 932 Panamera II, which by the looks of it aimed for a more spacious rear seat and boot.


As you can see, the result is not exactly stunning, and you can see why this car was the final nail in the 4-door Porsche’s coffin (at least until the Cayenne/Panamera arrived). Personally, I don’t have a problem with the car’s looks, despite the small wheels and a rather ungainly trunk, but it just does not look like a Porsche beyond the front lights. I think Porsche did the right thing in concentrating on the Boxster in the mid-90s, a move which ultimately saved the company.