Blast from the past: Chrysler’s stillborn “Pacifica” SUV

Seems Chrysler didn’t always plan for the original Pacifica to be a minivan crossover – around 1999 it thought it could build an SUV, seemingly on the basis of the then-new Dodge Durango.

Chrysler SUV concept

It is interesting that this car looks to have had an extended wheelbase compared to the 1st generation Durango, not unlike the final production Pacifica, as well as a similarly strong character line running down its side. Still, even though it was not a huge success I’m glad that Chrysler took the gamble on the original Pacifica, as the SUV would have been just another “me too” car, although maybe one that would have successfully competed against the Ford Explorer.

Chrysler Pacifica

Of course, Chrysler would go on to build a direct Explorer competitor in the Aspen, a reskinned 2nd generation Durango, but it was a case of too little, too late, and that model never managed to establish itself in the marketplace.