Automotive Mother’s Day gift ideas

As a true automotive enthusiast, you wouldn’t fob off the most important woman in your life with just another cook book or bath pearls for Mother’s Day, would you? Of course you wouldn’t! You’d get your mom something special, something that shows her how you appreciate everything she’s done for you. I know it’s hard to find something that does all those things, so here are 10 fine examples of automotive Mother’s Day gifts. Just pick your favorite and be the best son or daughter you can be!

1. All women love shoes. Some need to expand their house just to create enough storage space for their shoe collection. But there’s always that one special pair missing. Here’s your chance to surprise your mother with this pair of Maserati MC12 sneakers. Including the characteristic Maserati fender ports. Yours for just € 165,- / $ 206.30Maserati-MC12-sneakers-mothers-day-gift-idea2. If you don’t know the size of your mom’s shoes, then here’s a prime alternative for you: these pink Lamborghini gloves must be a runaway success, because which woman doesn’t love the color pink? A must-have for just € 151,- / $ 184Lamborghini-gloves-mothers-day-gift-idea3. Every lady needs a handbag, and imagine what a thoughtful impression you will make if you buy your mom this shopper size Porsche hand bag made of original Cabrio soft top material. It can even fit a laptop. And made in Germany, so it will last a lifetime, and it’ll remind her of her best child ever. A bargain for just €199,- / $ 320Porsche-handbag-mothers-day-gift-idea

4. Jewelry is a woman’s best friend, you’ll score major points if you give your mom something shiny to wear this Mother’s Day. What says “You’re the world’s best mom” more than this Ferrari shift line pendant charm? 100% silver and it’s part of a collection, so you’ll be set for next year’s present as well. Your mom will love this for just € 124,- / $ 176Ferrari-gear-shift-charm-mothers-day-gift-idea

5. Moms love playing games with the whole family, it brings everybody closer together. And there’s no better game to get to know your fellow players better than a good old game of poker. Lotus has a nice carbon fiber poker set, which means it’s lightweight and durable. Have it delivered for just € 1.417,- / $ 2,040Lotus-carbon-fibre-poker-set-mothers-day-gift-idea

6. Is that a bit too expensive for you? Or is your mom not into luxury gifts? Then she must be into cooking. And the ultimate form of cooking is BBQ of course. So indulge your mother with this delicious Dodge HEMI BBQ sauce to add some extra smokey flavor to your meals. Hey, the season’s already started. A steal for only $ 9.99Dodge-HEMI-BBQ-sauce-mothers-day-gift-idea

7. Looking for a bit more style? What about a genuine Mercedes-AMG scarf? The black tyre tread and AMG logo just scream “high-class lady”. Exactly what she needs. And they’ve even used a bit of cashmere, that’ll make her feel even more special. Now on sale from $ 185 for just $ 55.50Mercedes-AMG-scarf-mothers-day-gift-idea

8. Women love to read books, but how do you know which book to get your mother? Of course, to stay on the safe side, you’d better get her something practical, something that gives her important information. Something like this 1266 page Bosch Automotive Handbook that also offers over 1000 illustrations, to break all that text. That’ll keep her distracted for a few weeks, for just € 61,50 / $ 54.95Bosch-Automotive-Handbook-mothers-day-gift-idea

9. Your mom fancies something less practical and more beautiful? Get her a genuine piece of art! Women love art, and she can show off the painting on the wall to all her visitors, telling them you got her this. Don’t get her something modern, though. When it comes to art, classic is always better. For example this full-sized canvas print of a 1965 Shelby GT350 for just $ 495.Shelby-GT350-1965-canvas-print-mothers-day-gift-idea

10. Really don’t know what to get her? Flowers are always a great last-minute back-up gift if you are completely lost for inspiration. But she’ll know that as well, so don’t get her just an ordinary bouquet that you could have picked up at the gas station on the way up. Get her this Jeep Wrangler vase with a luxury bouquet for just $ 69.95Jeep-Wrangler-flower-vase-mothers-day-gift-idea