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Arcfox Lite China Auto Sales Figures

Arcfox Lite Sales Data & Trends for the Chinese Automotive Market

The Arcfox Lite is the first model from the start-up Arcfox brand, owned by BJEV, a subsidiary of BAIC (Beijing Auto Industry Corporation), also know as Beijing Auto. It is an electric car, powered by a 49 hp and 120 Nm electric motor, mated to a 16,4 KWh battery, which gives it a range of 170 kilometers and a top speed of 110 km/h. Charging on a fast charger takes just half an hour (to 80% battery), or 6,5 hours on standard 220V charging.

The Lite is a small car, dimensions are 2.986/1.676/1.492mm with a wheelbase of 1.870mm and a curb weight of just 895 kg. The frame of the car is made of aluminium, the body of carbon fiber reinforced composite, and the body panels from plastic, resulting in weight savings of 40% compared to traditional steel. The dashboard is made from a magnesium alloy tube beam, saving an additional 30% of weight compared to a standard dashboard.

It’s equipped with three 8-inch screens in the dashboard and an LED strip in the front and the rear that can display customized text (in Chinese and alphabetic) or graphics. The Arcfox Lite is premium priced, with prices ranging from 152.800 Yuan (€ 19.500,- / US$ 23,900) to 162.800 Yuan, although this is in the same range as the Zhidou D2 and D3 and the Chery eQ1.

Most other electric citycars this size are cheap, flimsy LSEVs (Low Speed Electric Vehicles) which are not allowed on the highways. Monthly and annual sales figures for the Arcfox Lite in China.

Car sales statistics from China only include domestic production and exclude imported models.

Vehicle Sales Data & Charts

January 60
February 60
March 84
April 100 64
May 261 40
June 9 33 10
July 6 1
August 4 9
September 9
October 10 1
November 12
December 472 10 416

2020 12
2019 599
2018 588
2017 472

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