Ferrari shows off the new F12… tdf??

Ferrari F12tdf

Ferrari finally showed off the F12 GTO… well, at least that’s what everyone is thinking. The car is in fact called the F12tdf, which Ferrari would like you to know stands for Tour de France, a car road race which the brand apparently dominated in the 1950s and 1960s. Instead, most of us will simply roll our eyes at yet another unnecessary name change for the brand’s special cars (GTO, Speciale, Challenge Stradale, Scuderia…) and the baffling decision to base the new name on a race which is now much more associated with bikes than cars…

Still, you have to admire the lengths to which Ferrari went to make this car very special indeed. Power is up from 719bhp to 770bhp, torque is up a little too, weight is down by 110kg to 1415kg (dry), 0-62mph sprint is down to 2.9s, downforce is up… it promises to be quite the car! (it also helps that it just about outguns the Lamborghini Aventador SV). The only “but” is the styling, which while dramatic looks a little bit too much like the Corvette, especially in the yellow color that’s associated with the racing ‘Vettes.

Ferrari F12tdf 3 Ferrari F12tdf 2

  1. Your comments are a bit sarcastic (as it has been lately concern with nice cars).
    Ferrari has history and only the real tifosi knows and have a huge respect to it. So when Ferrari names a new car all the world learn a bit of its history.
    As well you are a little bit American-centric, what an heresy to compare a Ferrari with a Chevrolet…. You should be writing somewhere else instead. Maybe you shouldn’t been writing at all.

  2. @John – thanks for the honest comment, I guess 🙂 Yeah, I have a sarcastic take on cars because, well, there are hundreds of writers out there who all repeat the same “ooohs” and “aaahs” when a new Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW M-car or similar come out. What’s the point of repeating that? At least this way I get to provoke some discussion, hopefully open-minded 🙂 And it’s not that I’m American-centric, it’s just that I’m an European car guy who’s been living in the US so I have a dual-perspective.

    Oh, and the Corvette/Ferrari comparison is not just me – just check out forum threads such as this one:

  3. Good point of view! I like the way to say and explain for your opinion about TDF haha, I have known the phrase for bikes not the car, now it looks like a car running after a bike to have better branding? some kind of encroaching?

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