US sales Q1 2016 Small Premium Sports segment

US Small Sports Premium

Sales in the Small Premium Sports segment in the US rose by 3% in Q1 2016 to 3,395 vehicles – exactly the same rate of growth as the Small Sports segment, as well as the industry as a whole. There is some hope for higher growth for the segment on the horizon, with the facelifted Porsche 718s (Cayman and Boxster) and Mercedes-Benz SLC (nee SLK) hitting the market, while sales of the Audi TT keep ramping up.

Highlights in Q1 2016:

  • Mercedes-Benz SLK remains the segment leader by a slant margin of 41 cars over Porsche Cayman, although if the latter’s sales were combined with those of its sister Boxster model the Porsche twins would be the clear segment leaders
  • The only model in the segment to record a meaningful rise in sales was the Audi TT, with sales up 6,000% to 663, good enough for fourth spot in the segment
  • BMW Z4 sales collapsed, falling by 73%, as BMW seemingly is getting ready to pull the model from the market before the replacement arrives – something Audi did with the TT Mk II
  • With less than stellar reviews sales of Alfa Romeo 4C fell by 23% compared to the initially promising levels recorded in Q1 2015

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