US sales Q1 2016 Premium Compact SUV segment

US premium compact SUV 2

Sales in the Premium Compact SUV segment in the US rose by 29% in Q1 2015 to 19,104 vehicles, propelled primarily by the success of the new BMW X1. Such a prodigious rate of growth was the highest from among all Premium SUV segments, beating out the fast-growing Premium Large SUV segment (sales up 24%). With the Mini Countryman due for a replacement this year the segment should continue growing nicely in 2016, and could even acquire a new entrant if Acura decides to bring its new CDX to the US.

Highlights from Q1 2016

  • The new BMW X1 is clearly a big hit with American customers: sales grew by 135% compared to Q1 2015, vaulting the model from last place, past Mini Countryman and Audi Q3, right into second spot. In fact, BMW X1 came to within 300 units of displacing Mercedes-Benz GLA as the segment leader
  • Despite almost losing the segment lead to BMW X1, Mercedes-Benz GLA did not do too badly for itself, as it sales rose 21% compared to Q1 2015
  • Audi Q3 also gained sales, albeit at a much more modest pace of 7%, suggesting the five-year-old design still based on the old PQ35 platform may be reaching its peak potential against much newer rivals
  • Mini Countryman was the only model to lose sales over the past year (down 27%), indicating the new model coming this year will not be arriving a moment too soon!

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