US sales Q1 2016 Minivan segment

US minivan

Sales in the minivan segment grew by 30%, an unexpected performance for a segment that struggled throughout 2015, when sales fell by 8%. Interestingly, the upswing in sales is not thanks to the eagerly-anticipated new Chrysler Pacifica, which has not gone on sale yet, but rather due to the sell-off of its ancient predecessors: the Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan. It will be interesting to see whether these models will continue gaining sales once the Pacifica hits the market.

Highlights for Q1 2016:


Dodge Grand Caravan

  • Sales of Dodge Grand Caravan rose by 99% compared to Q1 2015, allowing the model to almost match the segment leader, Toyota Sienna
  • Dodge Grand Caravan’s sister model, Chrysler Town & Country, also saw a quick 59% sales growth compared to Q1 2015
  • As a result of the FCA twins’ performance Honda Odyssey fell from second to fourth place, and with a growth rate of only 1% its sales grew at the slowest rate in the segment amongst cars not being pulled from the market (i.e. excluding Mazda5)
  • Kia Sedona recorded a 33% growth in sales, not bad but probably less stellar than Kia expected, especially when viewed against a 151% growth in sales for the less-glamorous and previously shunned by customers Nissan Quest

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  1. Losange says:

    ‘Minivans’, this word makes me laugh. Except for the Mazda5, all cars go past 5 meters in length. That’s probably one of the reasons why the Mazda, with its modest 4,58 meters, never became a real hit in the States. Size still matters in obesity heaven.

  2. I have heard that Chrysler plans to keep the “ancient” Grand Caravan around for the time being as a less expensive alternative to the Pacifica. The Pacifica starts at about $28,000 (most will be in the $35-$45 range) and the Grand Caravan starts for $22,595.

  3. Krzysztof Wozniak says:

    @Stephen – that makes sense, at least for a year or two. I can imagine the old minivan having a long-ish life not just as an cheaper, basic model, but also as a car for the postal service etc.

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