US sales 2015 Q1-Q3 Premium Large segment

US premium large

The Premium Large segment continued shrinking in the third quarter of 2015 on the back of sales falling for most models. In fact, only three cars have registered positive growth over the first three quarters compared to the same time period in 2014.

The segment leaders are all struggling, with sales for the Lexus ES being 9% down compared to Q3 2014, sales of BMW 5-series being down 11%, while the Mercedes-Benz E class lost even more: 27%. Behind them in 4th place was the first car to actually gain sales in 2015, the Hyundai Genesis. It is clear that, even though it still lags quite a bit behind the top 3, Hyundai has a very strong base on which to build its new luxury Genesis brand in the US, especially that the model outsells class heavyweight and European segment-leader, the Audi A6.

The other model to gain sales in 2015 is the Infiniti Q70, which advanced one spot in the rankings, up to 9th, on the back of its ridiculous-for-the-segment growth in Q3 2015 of 179%. Jaguar XF is the final model to gain sales in 2015, with a growth rate of 35% in the latest quarter.

2015 Q1Q3 Premium Large

Total sales for 2015 Q1-Q3; growth rates reported relative to 2014 Q1-Q3

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