US sales 2015 Q1-Q3 Premium Compact SUV segment

US Premium SUV Compact

The Premium Compact SUV segment grew by 40% compared to the period Q1-Q3 in 2014, thanks mainly to the two models that entered the market roughly a year ago: Mercedes-Benz GLA and Audi Q3.


  • Mercedes-Benz GLA remains the segment leader, widening the gap to the 2nd-placed Mini Countryman. It is clear that consumers like the (barely) jacked-up hatchback model, which bodes well for the even less rugged Infiniti QX30
  • The other new entrant and distant leader of the Premium Compact SUV segment in Europe, Audi Q3, hasn’t faired nearly as well as the Mercedes-Benz in the market, though part of this may be because it’s been around in Europe since 2011
  • BMW X1 continues to lose sales in anticipation of the arrival of the new model, which promises to do much better than the current, slightly awkward-looking model

2015 Q1Q3 Compact Premium SUV

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