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US minivan

Sales in the minivan segment fell by 8% compared to 2014, a worse performance that all mainstream segments (3% fall) and considerably worse than passenger cars on average (5% growth). Not all is lost, however, for the once-pioneering segment, as 2016 will see the significant new Chrysler Pacifica go on sale, while the segment-leading Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey are also due for a refresh in the next year or so.


Toyota Sienna

In fact, the Sienna and Odyssey have done rather well for themselves over the past year, gaining 10% and 4% of sales over the past year, and climbing to the top of the segment in the process. Not a bad performance for models that are both over five years old. It is easy to see where the additional sales came from, as the Japanese models’ ascent came at the expense of those old american stalwarts, Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country, both of which lost around 30% of sales compared to the previous year. It seems than the new Pacifica is going to hit the market just in time to, hopefully, prevent even more buyers jumping ship to the competition. Our readers certainly predict a bright future for the new model.

Kia Sedona

However well the Japanese duo did, however, it’s the performance of the new-for-2015 Kia Sedona that really impressed, with sales growing at an astonishing 152% over the course of the year. The new model certainly has an impressive presence, and you get the sense that it’s the only model in the segment that’s really trying to be different to the boring minivan norm, and the result is pleasingly handsome. However, pushing the envelope is not always a good thing, as we are reminded by the Nissan Quest, a bizarrely tall and narrow, almost JDM, offering that is clearly struggling to connect with buyers.

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