Polestar 1 revealed, but is enough to anchor the new brand? [w/ poll]

After one of those annoying slow-revealing image launch campaigns, today we saw the final reveal of the new Polestar 1, the first car from Volvo’s new brand dedicated to electric cars. However, despite its stunning looks and an exciting combination of existing technology and bespoke components, the model’s launch has me questioning whether the brand is off to the best possible start with the 1.

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New on CSB: graph comparison tool!

Car_sales-comparison-tool-US-luxury As one of the leading websites dedicated to car sales (with over 300.000 monthly views from readers all over the world) and with one of the largest databases on car sales data (with historic and current data of over 2.500 different models across 3 continents and as far back as 6 decades), it is our mission at CarSalesBase.com to continually look for ways to give our readers more and easier ways to find the information they’re looking for. We’re happy and proud to introduce the latest result of this quest: a car sales comparison tool that allows you to visually compare annual car sales from all available brands and models in Europe, the US and China in a graph. Our tool lets you pick up to 8 different models or brands to compare, from as far back as 1961, and give you a visual of their annual sales, in addition to a table with the exact data.

For example: compare Ford Focus sales in Europe with those of the same model in the US and China. Or compare BMW 3-Series sales in Europe with those of up to 7 competitors. Graphically display the growth of the Mercedes-Benz brand in three continents. You can decide what you want to compare and for which time period. Check out the comparison tool at carsalesbase.com/car-sales-comparison (or use the “Comparison Tool” button in the top menu) and let us know what you think. Send us a note if you think we can improve the tool or the functionality, or just let us know if you like it. Also, if there’s anything else we can do to improve your experience on our website, please let us know, we can only serve you better if you tell us what you’re looking for and what you want from us.

Enjoy using the tool and experimenting with it, but we warn you: from personal experience we know it can be a bit addictive, so use with care 🙂

The standard settings are 3 models to be compared from 2000 to 2016. Use the dropdown select boxes to select a different time period. Use the “add new model” button to add more than the standard 3 options, up to 8, and use the “remove model” button to reduce the number of options. Use the “Clear ” button to clear a selected field, or just select another model. Click on the “show tables” button below the graph to display the tables, and use the arrows to see the rest of the legend when more than 3 models are selected. 

Here are a few more examples of how to use the tool:



Volvo shows off the new XC40 [w/ poll]

Just yesterday Volvo finally took the wraps off its latest model, the new XC40. Aimed squarely at the premium compact SUV market, and models like the Audi Q3, BMW X1, Mercedes-Benz GLA and Range Rover Evoque, the XC40 is the first all-new model line the Swedish automarker has introduced since it launched the XC60 in 2008. Seeing as the XC60 did rather well in the European (figures) and US (figures) markets, the question on everyone’s minds is: has Volvo done it again?

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Genesis debuts its 3-series fighter, the G70 [w/ poll]

Following what feels like a relatively short gestation process, with relatively few spy shots and no teasers (that’s refreshing in today’s world), Hyundai-Kia’s new premium brand Genesis revealed the new G70 model. Designed to compete in the premium mid-sized segment against the likes of Audi A4, BMW 3-series and Mercedes-Benz C-class, the G70 is Genesis’ first truly new model, following in the footsteps of the premium large G80 (née Hyundai Genesis) and the premium limousine G90 (née Hyundai Equus).

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VW releases new T-Roc – will it be a success? [w/ poll]

After many, many spyshots, followed by what seems like even more teasers, VW has finally pulled the wraps off the new T-Roc. 

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Honda shows off new Accord [w/ poll]

Today Honda released pictures of its new Accord, the car it hopes will not just take the brand back to the top of the mid-sized segment, but also buck the trend and lead to absolute sales rise in a segment that has been suffering from customers migrating for the last few years. 

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Hyundai Kona: this is it [w/ poll]

After what seems like years of teaser and leaks the first official pictures of the Hyundai Kona have been revealed, and we finally get a proper look at what Hyundai’s new challenger to the Nissan Juke looks like.

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Ford replaces CEO with autonomous car guru

In a somewhat surprising move Ford has ousted CEO Mark Fields after only three years, a period in which he oversaw the company losing 40% of its market value and being overtaken by Tesla in market capitalization terms. His replacement, Jim Hackett, comes from within Ford and has recently headed Ford’s Smart Mobility division, in charge of developing the blue oval’s autonomous car technology and ride-sharing business models.

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New Fiat Argo may replace Punto globally

Today first pictures emerged of the new Fiat Argo, a model designed by Fiat’s Brazil division and intended to replace models based on the 12-year-old Punto in the Latin America market. However, it’s the prospect of the model being sold globally that is truly intriguing.

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BMW 1-series hatch going front-wheel drive [w/ poll]

Photo credit: CarScoops

We don’t usually devote much space to spy shots here at CarSalesBase, but in this instance I figured I’d make an exception given that it might lead to an interesting discussion. In particular, after years of speculations and anticipation, we finally have the first pictures of the third-generation 1-series hatchback, which unlike the first two generations will be primarily front-wheel drive.

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