Look-a-like: Mercedes-Benz E-class Coupe and…

Last week Mercedes-Benz released first pictures for the new E-class Coupe, and you’d be forgiven for reacting to them with a massive shrug. After all, we’ve seen it all before – it looks like a larger C-class Coupe, which itself was a shrunken S-class Coupe. That said, the new car arguably looks best of the three – not as bloated as its big brother, but better-proportioned than its baby brother. Still, it’s not the obvious similarity to its stablemates that our regular reader Behta pointed out…

…rather, it’s the uncanny similarity from the rear to the now-discontinued Renault Laguna Coupe. That car, a curious creation, was an attempt by the French automaker to spice up the decidedly unsexy Laguna Mk III, and to their credit, the end result was quite good looking. As such, the similarity between the German and the French car is not an offense to the former, and even though normally one might think that looking like a mainstream car might harm the appeal of the E-class Coupe, I actually don’t think Renault sold enough of the Laguna Coupes for anyone to notice…

Renault Laguna Coupe Monaco GP limited edition

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  1. The similarity is obvious as the C and S coupe already looked like the Laguna Coupe. Personally I think the E Coupe isn’t attractive like his family members due to a lack of folds (which makes it look fat) and the extra window bar. Very inelegant.

    • Well phrased. Totally agree. The similarity between the back o/t Benz and the underrated Laguna Coupe is clear. Prefer the Renault rear. No doubt a well executed car, this E coupe, but its slightly obese appearance does it no favor

  2. I love this car!!!

  3. Totally true. I doubt that the previous merc coupes were pretty similar too laguna, I remember the laguna coupe concept, just shame that it didnt do so well or the fact renault threw with laguna mk3. Laguna mk3 were so much behind in design, and obviously the previous mk2 and mk1 reliability killed the laguna 3. This coupe is underrated and didnt sell that much.

    • If they would give it a name “Renault Coupe” instead of “Laguna Coupe”, then the effect will be better. However, were the sales bad? I don’t know. Bart do you have such data?

      BTW: It could have been “Renault Fuego” as well:D

  4. Renault just messed up the production version of the Laguna Coupé.
    Although the rear looked wonderful and similar to the concept, the front end with these horrendours headlamps were just a shame compared to the concept. I can’t imagine how they could have validated such a sad and beaten dog face.

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