Look-a-like: Audi Q2 and…

“Worthy but bland”. “Same sausage, different sizes”. “Jacked-up Avant models”. Audi’s crossovers have been called many things by their detractors over the years, though it never prevented them from selling very well. Eventually, though, Audi got fed up and said “Enough!”, promising that going forward it would develop a distinct design language for its Q-series models. The Q7 was the first test, and it’s pretty much universally agreed-upon that it was a test that Audi failed. So it was with mixture of anticipation and fear that everyone waited for the new, “adventeruous” Q2 to be revealed. Finally, the curtain fell, leading many to proclaim:

“That rear looks an awful lot like the VW Polo”. Now, I’ll be first to admit that, in detail, the rear of the Q2 is not much like the VW Polo – the Q2 is definitely wider, the angles more precise, while the positioning of the license plate and the bumper design are much different. That said, the similar shape of the hatch window, the spoiler above it and, most importantly, the overall shape of the rear lights do make the Q2 look a bit too much like its cheaper, less-exciting cousin.

VW Polo

That said, personally I feel the Q2 looks closer to the 3-door Audi A3 Mk II, albeit with all the soft edges made sharper. One thing is for sure – while the Q2 may not elicit the same negative reaction as the Q7 does, it is another missed opportunity for Audi. Now I am more worried than ever for the upcoming Q5 – after all, it’s three strikes and you’re out!

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