Hyundai Kona: this is it [w/ poll]

After what seems like years of teaser and leaks the first official pictures of the Hyundai Kona have been revealed, and we finally get a proper look at what Hyundai’s new challenger to the Nissan Juke looks like.

So, what is the Kona like? Well, a lot like the Ioniq, Hyundai’s take on the Toyota Prius – a more conservative version of the trailblazing original, but not without its charms. The exterior design, for one, does a good job of walking a fine line between two extremes of the subcompact SUV market: the extroverts (Nissan Juke, Toyota C-HR) and the dull-but-worthy cars (Honda H-RV, Buick Encore/Opel Mokka X). Yes, the details are a bit overdone, especially at the front, and the rear looks rather similar to the Mazda CX-3, but overall the car looks nicely different to the rest of the Hyundai range, and benefits from a nice, wide stance. 

The interior is less of a success, with none of the charm of the best in the class (for me that would be the Toyota C-HR), with the color inlays looking so apologetically small that they may as well not have bothered.

So, with the Kona seemingly ticking all the boxes for market relevance, do you think it will be received well-enough to achieve true success?

Does Hyundai Kona have what it takes to succeed in the Subcompact SUV class?

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  1. I have no idea how this will turn out sales-wise, but, wow, i REALLY dislike it. Overwrought is an understatement. They went really conservative with the i20 and i30 ( and Elantra and Sonata ) and then waaay overcompensated on this one.

    And though the interior is nothing special, at least the nav screen looks better integrated than on the i30.

  2. You could have made a comparison with the C3 Aircross which was unveiled also today.

  3. Losange says:

    Little bit chaotic at the front, but overall I think it looks okay.

  4. Rick M says:

    Too much of a good thing. Wannabee funky and snazzy. I totally prefer the Citroen and Renault approach. Dash (seen on other site) is rather conventional / nothing special but okee.

  5. You could do a whole design review
    on this munter. I probably will.

  6. Rick M says:

    Nothing wrong with the overall shape. Like the stance, especially 1/3 front.
    But the devil is in the detail – “oh, it’s mainly for Europe, lets throw in tons of superfluous plastic decoration”.

    On the plus side:
    after a few test clinics the guys and gals in Seoul probably know a thing or two about “customer expectations”

  7. NaBUru38 says:

    Its front end is extremely ugly. Any random Chinese manufacturer can do better than that.

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