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CARicature News: German Autobahn toll will depend on your speed

German-Autobahn-tollThe famous German Autobahn will soon no longer be unlimited. Unlimited free kilometers, that is. Chancellor Angela Merkel has reached an agreement with the ruling parties to introduce a toll system in order to pay for the huge costs for maintenance of the high-speed motorways.

Rumor has it the toll pricing may depend on the speed a car drives on the Autobahn. Fast drivers will pay a higher price-per-kilometer than slower drivers, as the left-wing party Die Linke has requested. According to party-leader Gregor Gysi, “The rich are able to buy faster cars, so if they want to drive them at high speeds, they should pay more, it’s only fair”.

Angela-Merkel“Because of the poor state of our infrastructure, safety may be jeopardized if we do not invest in maintenance”, Merkel said. “But there is no money available in our current budget, so we had to choose: introduce a speed limit of 90 km/h (55 mph) or introduce a toll system, which should generate enough revenue to pay for road maintenance”.


Pricing is not yet announced, but expect the highest speed bracket, with an average speed >250 km/h (155 mph), to have a similar price-per-kilometer than a lap around the famous Nürburgring, which costs € 27,- for a 20,8 km lap, equal to € 1,30 per kilometer (US$ 1,10 per mile).… Continue Reading …

CARicature News: The next step after self-driving cars: passengerless cars

nissan-leaf-autonomous-driveAfter Nissan announced their goal of having multiple self-driving vehicles on sale in 2020 last august, a press release dated yesterday announces the brand is already looking further into the future, and has started investigating the next step into the autonomous car.


“We have asked ourselves: ‘what comes next?’ As a technology leader, you need to have a vision for the future”, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn explained to “We expect passengerless cars to be the mobility of the future. Imagine the benefits for road safety: when fully autonomous cars, without a driver or passenger, are involved in a crash, nobody will suffer serious injury of even fatality.”… Continue Reading …

Chevrolet Camaro recalled for loose stickers

Camaro-recall-sun-visorLess than one week after my article on the 8 weirdest auto recalls ever, General Motors announced a recall that would have passed the bar to make it the 9 weirdest auto recalls ever:

GM is recalling a certain number of 2013 and 2014 model year Chevrolet Camaro Coupes because the required air bag warning label on the sun visor may peel off. This label  warns occupants of a vehicle that the airbag can hit them in the face and hurt them in the process of saving their lives. It’s like you don’t want the life guard to give your drowning child mouth-to-mouth resuscitation because of his garlic breath.… Continue Reading …

The 8 weirdest auto recalls

Auto recalls seem to be in the news more often these days. And they seem to become bigger and bigger, affecting millions of vehicles at the same time. This is a result of modular platforms and large-scale manufacturing. Automakers are developing more common parts to fit into multiple models, across multiple brands, which reduces costs of development and manufacturing of parts. But there is a risk involved with this trend: when a part proves to be faulty, a larger number of cars, sometimes across continents, need to be recalled to the dealer to fix the part.

In the United States, the manufacturer can be forced to recall a certain number of cars by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, when this government agency thinks the issues cause the cars to no longer comply with the safety standards. But besides the safety issues, some recalls are just plain weird.

Here’s a list of the 8 weirdest auto recalls ever:

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