European sales 2016 first half Premium Large SUV segment

Large_Premium_SUV-segment-European-sales-2016_Q2-BMW_X5-Volvo_XC90-Audi_Q7The large premium SUV segment is one of the fastest growing in Europe, with sales up a booming 31% in the first half of 2016, a figure only beaten by the mainstream large MPV segment. And like that segment, this is a direct result of the renewal of a few key players: two thirds of the segment growth can be attributed to just two models: the Volvo XC90 and Audi Q7. These two redesigned SUVs are still unable to knock the ruling leader BMW X5 off its throne, despite losing a big chunk of the segment share with sales flat at just +2%. The two newcomers take the bottom steps of the podium but will surely attempt another coup in the second half of the year. The Range Rover Sport also has stable sales but is relegated to fourth place ahead of the Mercedes-Benz GLE, the facelifted and renamed M-Class. Behind these five theres a wide gap to the second tier of the segment, led by the aging Volkswagen Touareg ahead of its platform sibling Porsche Cayenne, both losing double digit volume in the first half of the year.

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Mercedes_Benz-GLE_Coupe-auto-sales-statistics-EuropeThe Land Rover Discovery, due to be replaced next year by a new generation which will look like a large version of the Discovery Sport, is surprisingly strong for its age and its workhorse genes in a segment full of boulevard cruisers. It was outsold in Q2 by its closest 3 challengers but by a slim enough margin to hold on to its #8 position. The BMW X6 is under fire from the all-new Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, a model directly and unabashedly aimed at it, although the X6 has still outsold its rival in every single month so far. The Lexus RX benefits from its new generation to more than double up, but it remains a niche player in the segment in Europe while it’s the ultra-dominant leader in the US with almost twice the volume of its nearest competitor.

Also check out the premium large SUV segment in the US, where the Mercedes GLE narrowly beats the Acura MDX for 2nd place.

Premium large SUV segment 2016 H1 2015 H1 Change
1 BMW X5 19.525 19.216 2%
2 Volvo XC90 18.650 4.464 318%
3 Audi Q7 17.029 5.995 184%
4 Range Rover Sport 15.487 15.452 0%
5 Mercedes-Benz GLE 14.795 0 New
6 Volkswagen Touareg 9.522 10.748 -11%
7 Porsche Cayenne 8.427 9.995 -16%
8 Land Rover Discovery 7.747 6.700 16%
9 Range Rover 7.353 7.853 -6%
10 Jeep Grand Cherokee 6.837 6.614 3%
11 BMW X6 6.717 7.753 -13%
12 Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe 5.332 173 New
13 Lexus RX 4.409 2.026 118%
14 Mercedes-Benz GL/GLS 2.563 2.119 21%
15 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 2.064 1.457 42%
16 Infiniti QX70 733 791 -7%
17 Bentley Bentayga 391 0 New
18 Land Rover Defender 149 563 -74%
19 Maserati Levante 126 0 New
20 Mercedes-Benz R-Class 3 4 -25%
Segment total 147.859 112.454 31%


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Car sales statistics are from the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

Sources: Manufacturers, ANDC, JATO Dynamics.

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  1. Hi Bart can we expect to see the new generation of the Range Rover Sport and when?Thanks!

  2. Hi Bart,

    Could we really consider the Volkswagen Touareg as a premium model ? Wouldn’t he be put in the Mainstream large SUV segment ? I always though Audi was the premium brand within the VAG group, even if VW is more likely the “most premium brand of the mainstream”

    The Touareg pricing would be more similar to the Q7 rather than the Hyundai Santa Fe ?

  3. Oh, sorry about this!

    Thanks again for your great work!

  4. VW is pretending to be premium only in poor countries. Show me at least one person who is willing to buy a premium SUV and will really consider VW Touareg instead of Volvo, BMW, Mercedes or Audi. No one will.

    Touareg is bought by people who want to have a good car with good technology but don’t want to pay extra for premium.

    • Bazooka says:

      VW Touareg instead of Volvo? People who want to have a car with engine which size is dedicated to those big suvs – V6 or V8 instead 2.0 4 cylinder…
      And don’t be ridiculous, you haven’t made a sociological statistics so you don’t know what kind of reasons determine people to choose a Touareg.

      • I personally know few people who own X5, XC90, XC60. One of them is now buying a new car. Today I suggested Touareg just to check. The reaction was laughter. “If you are spending 90k euro on a car, you don’t by the VW” -> a quotation.

        I also know a person who has Touareg and he is laughting at those who add money to buy Q7 or Cayenne. I don’t claim Touareg is a bad car. But simply it is not premium. Even reasons you wrote are not “premium thinking”. As I said some posts ago “premium is a state of mind” 🙂

      • Bazooka says:

        Premium is not a state of mind, but it manifest itself in technology, lot of options, configurations, range of engines etc. Stop narrate your funny legends. Touareg, XC90 or XC60 don’t cost 90k euro.
        Your “premium-definition” is like someone who don’t have enough money to buy a good car, must be Renault owner (for example) and thats a reason to create ridiculous stories to comfort yourself. Complexes…

  5. Losange says:

    You’re 100% right about the “premium is a state of mind” part. Companies know people are willing to pay extra for intangable features of a car. That’s why there is room for the Touareg at the bottom of the luxury class, because no VW is worth 70k or more. I’ve always liked the first generation with its robust design, but the current one is very soft and ‘Asian’. Just like the X5/X6, GLE/GLE Coupe, Q7, Cayenne and Bentayga. The Range Rover and XC90 are my favourites here. It wouldn’t surprise me when the innovative Volvo leads by the end of the year.

  6. @Bazooka -> So now you are getting personal, yes? Accusing me that I make up stories or healing complexes? Very nice arguments in conversation. Bravo.

    I should now write “You must be a A3 owner (for example) who have payed double money for Octavia with 1.6 TDI engine and feels better then the rest of drivers. Complexes…”, but I won’t.

    New XC90 is costing 90k euros. I’m looking at the offer now. I know what I see.

    My stories are real. It seems that you don’t know to many wealthy people if you are saying my stories are “funny”.

    But back to topic. Your definition is what premium used to be. Now, when premium cars share most of technologies with common cars, your arguments about technology simply is not valid any more. It is still right most advanced versions but A3 I mentioned, with 1.6 TDI and 1.0 TFSI 115HP do not have technology advantage. It has better build quality and that’s it. The same with some BMW or Mercedes cars, not mentioning Infinity, DS, Lexus.

    Range of engines: take a look at new Astra or Focus. The range of engines is huge. Does it make them premium? No. Citroen C5 with 3 liter diesel 240 HP and advance chasing. Was it premium? No. New Megane GT with PureLed, 4Control wheels etc. Is it premium? No.

    Touareg has V8 engine. Does it make it premium? No.

    But every BMW, even with 100HP from PSA and front-wheel drive will always be premium, no matter what. This is why I claim “this is state of mind”.

    • Bazooka says:

      It’s not my fault that you create ridiculous stories. Unfortunately you don’t know what you’re talking about.
      You’ re talking about base models like cheapest versions od A3, A Class or 1er which share some technologies with common cars, but premium cars better quality build is enough reason to buy them instead Renault etc.

      Range of engines, options, configurations in premium cars are incomparable with cheap brands. This are the facts. And in upper segments? There is no comparison to mainstream producers.

      Touareg is a premium product from popular brand.

  7. @Bazooka -> again, instead dicussion, you are offending me. I really feel disgusted and it’s not my fault you lack of personal culture. I DON’T create stories but it is clear that you don’t have any experience.

    I showed you examples of non premium cars with advances technologies + range of options. Same as Touareg. if you insist on “a premium product from popular brand.” then, Citroen DS, Ford Vignale, Renault Initiale Paris, Alfa Romeo, Opel Cosmo, Hyundai Genesis are the same.

    But of course you won’t agree because these brands are not German. You are a typical dazzled German lover, repeating under every article “VAG is best, VAG is best”. it is really silly. Like a 15 years boy.

    You just keep telling my stories are not true, and you give nothing agains.

    • Bazooka says:

      @ToJa- “again, instead dicussion, you are offending me. I really feel disgusted and it’s not my fault you lack of personal culture. I DON’T create stories but it is clear that you don’t have any experience.”

      Why are you talking all the time the same? You have none of meritorical arguments, only repeat funny stories which have nothing to do with reality. Your premium-definition is ridiculous. And yes – the only reason you do this is to comfort yourself. Complexes are a key word….

      “I showed you examples of non premium cars with advances technologies + range of options. Same as Touareg. if you insist on “a premium product from popular brand.” then, Citroen DS, Ford Vignale, Renault Initiale Paris,”

      Your examples are just funny. DS, Renault Initalie Parise – are top levels for these producers, and can’t even have have multlink rear suspension, poor range of engines, poor configuration capabilities etc. Ford Vignale is better because could have normal gasoline engine (2.0), 4×4, so Ford is more advances than french brands but still to small to be named premium product.

      Alfa Romeo – is on good way to be a premium, and the new Giulia it’s a real premium competitor, the same with Genesis brand. Touareg thanks to its technology – big engines, platform and price is premium car too.

      “You are a typical dazzled German lover, repeating under every article “VAG is best, VAG is best”. it is really silly. Like a 15 years boy.”

      And you’re typical dazzled German hater, repeating under every article “I hate VW”. Why? Because of jealousy that french carmakers sell only cheap, small cars, their reputation is tragicall and aren’t real competitors for Germans. This is your complexes source. It’s really silly and childish. You’re adult who acting here like a teenager.

      • Talking to you is just a waste of time. So shortly:

        1) I never wrote “I hate VAG” and it’s a fact. Come on liar, show me proof!
        2) I support multiple brands – including french. It is clear from my comments. So I’m not dazzled on one brand as you are.
        3) I gave you many examples + real people owning premium cars.
        4) I don’t create stories and YOU ARE OFFENDING ME accusing that I do. So stop telling that because you are the one who keeps repeating himself.

        Do not hesitate to reply. Everyone on this portal know what you are going to write.

      • Bazooka says:

        Yes ToJa talking to you is jut a waste of time…

        “I never wrote “I hate VAG” and it’s a fact. Come on liar, show me proof!”

        Here you are… Look at the topic “European sales 2016 first half Premium Large SUV segment” (August 22, 2016) and your comment : “Personally I hate VAG:)” (August 19, 2016 at 07:57)

        And now we all oficially know that you’re full of complexes hater and liar who create ridiculous stories. Shame on you.

  8. Come on! You really cannot read emoticons, can you? The mark ” 😉 ” meant something.

    You are offending me about: creating stories, having complexes, being liar, being hater. Isn’t it hating? Look at the mirror, as someone already advices you to do it. Your every post is personal attack. I think Touareg is not premium. You think it is. BUT it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t respect others people opinion . So again STOP PERSONAL INSULTS.

  9. More to say there isn’t any “Personally I hate VAG:)” my comment in the article. Especially from 19th August.

    “And you’re typical dazzled German hater, repeating under every article “I hate VW” ” -> NO I don’t. Stop accusing me on things I haven’t done.

    • Bazooka says:

      You have written ““I NEVER wrote “I hate VAG”… As we see it was a lie because you’ ve written that you hate VW. The Liar always will be liar.
      You even don’t have enough courage to admit it. Start behave like a man not like a coward.

      • LoL you are funny, truly 🙂

        You are again offending me, nothing new. You cannot defend yourself other way but attacking and offending others. Which shows you as a person. Childish, hater, lack of elementary culture and respect to other people. Simply a primitive.

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