European sales 2015 Q1-Q3 Compact segment

Volkswagen-Golf-auto-sales-statistics-EuropeThe compact car segment in Europe is up 5% in the first three quarters of 2015, which is slower than the overall market, but the segment is likely to get a boost in 2016 from a few important model launches, most notably from the Opel/Vauxhall Astra and the Renault Megane. None of these is very likely to topple the Volkswagen Golf from its first place in the segment and in fact the entire car market, as the Golf holds a firm 23% share of the segment. The top-3 is still completed by the Ford Focus and Skoda Octavia, as the latter has fallen short in its attempt to pass the Focus.

For fourth place, the Peugeot 308 is already in danger of recapitulating the position it took in the beginning of the year from the Astra, as GM is boosting the outgoing model with huge incentives. The new generation Astra has arrived in showrooms in Q4 and we’ll have to wait and see if it gains traction quickly enough to take back its fourth position by the time the year comes to an end.


Renault_Megane-2016-European-sales-2015-compact_car_segmentThe rise of the Seat Leon thanks to the new generation and the addition of a station wagon has stalled at sixth place, nonetheless a best-ever for the Spanish nameplate, and clearly outselling the Megane now. With the new Megane ready for a 2016 launch, the Leon looks destined to drop back again. But for now, the Renault will have to watch its back in Q4, as the Toyota Auris is creeping closer, outselling it by 6.700 units in Q3 and only 3.000 units behind so far.

The Hyundai i30 has taken back its position above its corporate sibling Kia Cee’d at the bottom end of the top-10, but further down the ranking not many surprises, and expectedly the Nissan Pulsar will fall short of its target of 64.000 annual sales, but outselling the struggling Honda Civic is still a welcome notch on its belt. I’m just not sure the Pulsar will be able to hold on to that position, as the Civic was the better selling model of the two.

2015 January – September compact car sales Europe

Compact segment Jan-Sep 2015 Jan-Sep 2014 Change
1. Volkswagen Golf 409.425 397.738 3%
2. Ford Focus 183.046 174.267 5%
3. Skoda Octavia 163.921 153.305 7%
4. Peugeot 308 150.186 115.300 30%
5. Opel/Vauxhall Astra 148.085 140.623 5%
6. Seat Leon 108.459 101.624 7%
7. Renault Megane 96.679 100.362 -4%
8. Toyota Auris 93.588 98.134 -5%
9. Hyundai i30 62.071 64.487 -4%
10. Kia Cee’d 57.506 58.603 -2%
11. Skoda Rapid 53.656 59.727 -10%
12. Mazda3 41.103 38.482 7%
13. Citroën C4 37.692 50.126 -25%
14. Nissan Pulsar 34.540 1.550 2128%
15. Honda Civic 33.798 32.995 2%
16. Volkswagen Beetle 21.582 24.507 -12%
17. Nissan Leaf 12.662 11.399 11%
18. Kia Soul 11.105 7.242 53%
19. Toyota Corolla 10.316 10.411 -1%
20. Volkswagen Scirocco 9.334 7.137 31%
21. Volkswagen Jetta 8.388 7.592 10%
22. Seat Toledo 8.108 8.296 -2%
23. Toyota Prius 5.708 6.236 -8%
24. Citroën C-Elysee 4.814 4.904 -2%
25. Renault Fluence 3.934 4.354 -10%
26. Mitsubishi Lancer 3.069 2.775 11%
27. Peugeot 301 1.920 2.345 -18%
28. Hyundai Elantra 1.224 947 29%
29. Subaru Impreza 706 1.977 -64%
30. Fiat Bravo 309 3.085 -90%
31. Chevrolet Cruze 128 7.217 -98%
32. Honda CR-Z 31 266 -88%
33. Honda Insight 27 467 -94%
34. Fiat Linea 7 184 -96%
Segment total 1.777.127 1.698.664 5%


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  1. I’m fascinated that the Octavia and Leon sell a lot less well than the Golf which is technically the same car. It shows that VW still owns one of the largest leasing company in the world. They just shove their (cheating) products into the market. A list of private sales would show smaller differences and a more realistic view of popularity.

    Mazda for instance can’t compete with brands like VW on the European business market. Nevertheless the 3 deserves better sales figures. For me it’s one of the best cars in this segment. Perhaps Mazda should introduce a station wagon? It works for Seat. Stable numbers for the Mégane, that’s good with the new generation around the corner.

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