Electric Phaeton – the upside of Dieselgate?

VW Phaeton

Scrambling to recover from the self-inflicted Dieselgate, VW is announcing changes left, right and center. We’ve already heard of Winterkorn leaving, reduced spending and possible cuts to model ranges, leading to speculation as to the future of white elephants such as the VW Phaeton and Bugatti Chiron. Well, now the news is that not only VW will bring both models to market, but that it will actually crown the Phaeton range with an all-electric model (cue stories of yet another “Tesla fighter”).

Do you think an all-electric drivetrain will give the Phaeton a new meaning?

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  1. I voted ‘No, nothing can help the Phaeton’. With Audi, Porsche and Bentley (still) in their portfolio I think it’s ridiculous for VW to build a successor just because it’s relatively popular in China (where sales slump). The Phaeton, one of the most loss-making cars in the history, is symbolic for the megalomania of the Volkswagen Group. More EV’s is a good thing, but they should introduce more affordable ones. For the second generation Phaeton they should first focus on lowering it’s weight and price in relation to competitors. But in my opinion VW better discontinues the Phaeton.

  2. Krzysztof Wozniak says:

    @Losange: I agree with you – the Phaeton Mk I offered precisely nothing over its competitors, and it’s hard to argue for a repeat of that. I do envision some ways in which VW could give it a genuine USP, either by making it more like a 4-door coupe (think a large version of the C Coupe GTE concept) or a 5-door liftback to compete more with the Panamera. But really, VW should do with the Phaeton what Skoda did with the Superb – take a smaller platform, make a much bigger model based on that, and sell it at a significant discount to its competitors.


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