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US sales 2015 Q1-Q3 Mid-sized SUV segment

SUV mid-sized

The Mid-sized SUV segment grew by 9% compared to the Q1-Q3 period in 2014, faster than the car market overall (5% growth).… Continue Reading …

US sales 2015 Q1-Q3 Compact SUV segment

SUV compact 2

The Compact SUV segment grew by 13% over the period Q1-Q3 compared to the same period in 2014. As such, it is still the second fastest growing non-premium SUV segment, after the Subcompact SUV segment, and easily retains its mantle as the largest single segment in the US, widening its gap to the Mid-sized and Compact car segments (down 2% and up 2%, respectively, on Q1-Q3 2014).… Continue Reading …

Both US and China set for new sales records in 2015

China-US-Europe-car_sales_figures-2015As we’re approaching the final few weeks of 2015, it’s becoming clear that this has been another great year for the automotive industry, most notably in the two largest markets in the world: China and the US. Both markets are on track to set new volume records in 2015, but have taken different paths towards those records. The previous US sales record was set in 2000, when automakers sold 17,4 million cars but never reached that figure ever since. At that time, the US market was more than 30 times bigger than the Chinese car market, but the latter hasn’t stopped growing ever since. And at an amazing pace: 27,5% per year on average. As a result, the Chinese passenger car market caught up with that of the US in 2013, and is set to break through the 20 million units barrier for the first time this year.

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US sales 2015 Q1-Q3 Subcompact SUV segment

SUV subcompact

The Subcompact SUV grew more than any other segment over the period Q1-Q3, with sales up 168% compared to the same period in 2014. … Continue Reading …

US sales: November 2015, models

After looking at the November US sales by brand last week, now it’s time to look at sales broken out by model. The top 10 changed a bit compared to October, with Toyota RAV4 advancing two positions to 5th spot, while the Honda Accord falls two spots to 7th. It is interesting to see the pre-facelift RAV4 have so much traction (sales up 29.7% compared to Nov’14), while the post-facelift Honda CR-V is struggling (sales down 19.9%). Another changes is that the Honda Civic jumped over Toyota Corolla to claim 8th spot, presumably on the strength of model-sellout incentives before the new model goes on sale. But both models are now under attack from Nissan Rogue, which may soon climb even higher than 10th (right now it’s the highest-placed Nissan).… Continue Reading …

New Volvo S90 debuts [w/ poll]


Last week Volvo finally released pictures of the long-awaited S90 sedan, which replaces the long-in-the-tooth S80 model. And, would you know it, it’s a rather good-looking car, at least until you look at the rear, where the desire to be original seems to have gotten the better of the designers’ sense of style. Still, for a car that’s based on an inherently FWD platform the S90 looks really dynamic, with a large “premium gap” between the front wheels and the leading edge of the doors. Add to that a plush interior that manages to look both premium and uniquely non-German, and the promise of a segment-leading “dual engine” plug-in hybrid system, the S90 has potential to succeed where the S80 failed.… Continue Reading …

US sales: November 2015, brands

Sept 2015 logoUS car sales in November 2015 were up by by only 1.2% compared to November 2014, a considerable slowdown compared to the recent months. It seems that steam is slowly running out of the industry’s recent upturn in sales, though only time will tell if this is a more prolonged lull, or simply a blip. In order to still beat the year 2000 and reach record US sales this year, December sales will have to total almost 1,58 million units, an increase of 4,6% on December 2014. Through November, US car sales are up 5,4%, and the November slowdown was also partially due to 2 fewer selling days compared to last year. December on the other hand will have 2 extra selling days, so 2015 is likely to become the best year ever for US auto sales.

Please note: for those of you interested in US auto sales statistics, Bart & Kriss have been working very hard these last couple of months to add US brand- and model specific pages to the already existing European and Chinese car sales data pages. Use the drop-down menu on the top right-hand corner of this site to browse for car sales data of every brand and model sold in the US since 2003.

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US sales 2015 Q1-Q3 Premium Limousine segment




The Premium Limousine segment continued shrinking in the third quarter of 2015, with only two cars having registered positive sales growth since the beginning of the year: the BMW 7-series and Kia’s K900.

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US sales 2015 Q1-Q3 Premium Large segment

US premium large

The Premium Large segment continued shrinking in the third quarter of 2015 on the back of sales falling for most models. In fact, only three cars have registered positive growth over the first three quarters compared to the same time period in 2014.… Continue Reading …

US sales 2015 Q1-Q3 Premium Mid-sized segment

US premium mid-sized

The Premium Mid-sized segment continued growing in the third quarter, with sales up by 3% compared to Q3 2014 – a slightly slower pace of increase than for the first half of the year. … Continue Reading …