Car sales statistics for the premium large SUV / crossover segment in Europe, updated every quarter.

European sales 2014 Premium Large SUV segment

Sales in the premium large SUV segment rebounds in 2014 at +11% on its worst year since 2002 and is already back at the level of 2011 and 2012, and above 2009 and 2010. With a slew of new models hitting showrooms this year, a return to 250.000 annual sales may be within reach for 2016.

Large_Premium_SUV-segment-European-sales-2014-BMW_X5When excluding the biggest gainer and new segment champion BMW X5, the rest of the segment has actually lost ground, at -1,5%. As a result, the new generation X5 not only reclaims the segment top spot, it more than doubles its share of the segment to 20%, or one in every five sales. The 2013 leader Mercedes-Benz M-Class is even pushed down into third place by the Range Rover Sport, as the M-Class has been awaiting its facelift and renaming to GLE 2016. But first, Mercedes-Benz will introduce a coupe version of the GLE to compete with the BMW X6 in Q2 of 2015. … Continue Reading …

European sales 2014 January – September Premium large SUV segment

European-car-sales-statistics-premium-large-SUV-segment-2014-BMW_X5-Range_Rover_Sport-Mercedes_Benz_M_ClassPremium large SUVs continue to progress as the segment grows 17% on the first nine months of last year. Almost 90% of this growth can be attributed to a single model, the new leader of the segment: the new generation BMW X5. The X5 almost triples its sales of the outgoing model last year, shooting up from fourth place to the top with more than 20% share of the premium large SUV segment. In second place is another model that’s been renewed and making big gains. The Range Rover Sport comes from fifth place last year to almost double its sales of the previous generation, which started sales in the third quarter of 2013.

These two have bumped the Mercedes-Benz M-Class from its distant and unthreatened leadership of last year, now down into the bottom spot of the podium. In 2015 and onwards the M-Class will be under further intensified competition as two former podium contenders will be replaced after both serving a decade or more.… Continue Reading …

European sales 2014 first half Premium large SUV segment

The premium large SUV segment has increased its growth rate from 11% in the first quarter to a whopping 23% in the second quarter, making it +16% for the first half of 2014.


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Three main suspects are responsible for this growth: the BMW X5, as the new generation helps the model more than double last year’s sales and push it from third place to firmly in the lead of the segment. Then the Range Rover Sport, also thanks to the new generation which is much lighter than the outgoing and therefore more fuel efficient and easier to drive. It also sells more than twice as many as in the first half of 2013. And on a bit smaller scale but still worth mentioning: the Jeep Grand Cherokee, rising from 9th position to 5th as the new generation proves popular among European buyers. Jeeps best selling model is on track to reach its fourth consecutive year of increased sales and its highest annual sales figure since 2007.… Continue Reading …

European sales 2014-Q1 Premium large SUV segment

BMW-X5-luxury-SUVSales of premium large SUVs in Europe have rebounded in the first quarter of 2014, up 11% compared to a similar decline over the full year 2013. Just like in the compact premium SUV segment, there is a complete shuffle of the ranking, with the top 10 of the segment all changing position.

Whereas the BMW X3 has fallen from its throne in the smaller segment, its larger sibling BMW X5 has committed a coup d’etat by leapfrogging its main competitors to jump from fourth position at the end of 2013 straight into the segment leadership. The new generation has sold almost double what the outgoing generation sold in the same period last year.

Also almost doubling its sales thanks to a new generation and rising from fifth position into second place is the Range Rover Sport.… Continue Reading …

European sales 2013 Premium large SUV segment

Mercedes-M-Class-Range-Rover-Sport-Porsche-Cayenne-sales-europe-jan-sep-2013The premium large SUV segment in Europe is down 11% in 2013, as the top 4 all show double digit declines, but a shake-up of the segment will take place in 2014.

The Mercedes-Benz M-Class is still the leader by a large margin, despite sales down 17%, because the number two of 2012, BMW X5 is down 22% and two places to fourth position. The M-Class will be replaced this year and the X5 has just been renewed. What this means for a model’s sales in this segment, is demonstrated by the Range Rover, up 82% thanks to the new generation. The Range Rover Sport has been renewed in the second half of the year, and sales are up 70% in the last quarter, so it will be fighting for the podium in 2014. The mammoth Mercedes-Benz GL has also been renewed late 2012, and sales have more than tripled in 2013, retaking its position ahead of the still-going-strong G-Class. The G-Class is up as well, which may have something to do with the publicity around the introduction of the utterly absurd G65 AMG, nicknamed the world’s fastest rolling bungalow by some.… Continue Reading …

European sales Jan-Sep 2013 Premium large SUV segment

Mercedes-M-Class-Range-Rover-Sport-Porsche-Cayenne-sales-europe-jan-sep-2013The premium large SUV segment in Europe shows a smaller decline in the first three quarters of 2013 than the non-premium large SUV segment, at minus 14%. However, every model in the top 10 is losing sales compared to last year, except for one.

Mercedes-Benz M-class has kept the crown of the segment, despite the new generation coming in the first half of 2014, so it is safe to say that M-class will still be in the lead by the end of next year. The fight for second position is on, though. With Porsche Cayenne leapfrogging VW Touareg and BMW X5, which show even bigger declines. The new generation Range Rover Sport  is in showrooms now, and it has some positive press reviews in its pocket. It has shed a lot of weight, switching from a body-on-frame to a unibody configuration, and that makes it more efficient, more comfortable and sportier at the same time, giving it a good shot at leaving those 3 Germans behind to take 2nd place in 2014. However, BMW has just introduced its new generation X5 and even though cosmetic changes are relatively small, it won’t give up without a fight.… Continue Reading …