Shanghai Auto Show – The Good

The first in a series of articles looking at the multitude of cars that made their debut at the Shanghai Auto Show, first we look at the Good, starting with…

Mercedes GLC Coupe Concept

Although it would seem more appropriate to start the list with a Chinese car, it is really hard to ignore arguably the star of the show. While its bigger brother GLE Coupe is a bloated-looking X6 copy, the GLC Coupe is all muscle and elegant lines. It makes you wonder how could BMW get the X4 so wrong…


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Game of Thrones, VW-style (w/ poll)

Winterkorn and Piech

“I’m at a distance from Winterkorn.”

Those six words spoken by Ferdinand Piëch, the chairman of the supervisory board at VW, began a fascinating saga that has gripped all that follow the automotive industry over the past two weeks. He was speaking of course of Martin Winterkorn, the CEO of VW, and until that point his presumed successor as chairman of the supervisory board.

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Citroën beats up an SUV with a Cactus stick

Following the critical and commercial success of the C4 Cactus, Citroën figured it might as well try applying the same theme to a larger crossover and created the Aircross Concept.


(Slightly) less polarizing then its smaller sibling, the Aircross features plenty of the design cues that make the Cactus stand out: Air Bump inserts, funky lights and wrap-around glasshouse on the outside, minimalist dashboard design with a separate screen instead of an instrument binnacle on the inside.

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UPDATED: NY Auto Show – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The New York International Auto Show is finally under way, and here are our thoughts:


Kriss: for me the good is the new Malibu, which I think looks amazing, even if the facia is a bit too busy and the engine line-up weird (a 1.5-liter turbo with only 160hp as a base engine in the US? even VW could not pull that off!)

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 8.21.36 PM

Bart: or me, the good is the Porsche Boxster Spyder. Basic, fast and less girly than a regular Boxster.

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Lincoln debuts Frankenstein new Continental

Lincoln surprised the motoring world today by showing off the new Continental. The first surprise is that, after years of producing bland-to-ugly cars (the MKT has forever seared itself into my retinas…) the concept is genuinely good looking, even if those with good memories will probably remain cool, seeing as the gorgeous 2002 Continental Concept paved the way for some unremarkable production cars.


But the bigger surprise comes as you realize how Lincoln arrived at the new concept’s design, splicing design elements from other cars in a manner that Dr Frankenstein would be proud of.

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Unpopular opinion: Ford Mondeo

The latest Ford Mondeo / Fusion has received a lot of praise ever since it was launched, mainly because of its looks. Customers and punters alike seem to be falling over themselves in praising the Aston-esque grille and aggressive headlight treatment at the front, many claiming it’s one of the best looking in its class. I am not one of those people…


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Look-A-Like: Jag XF and… (part 2)

“Look-A-Like” is a new column which is meant as a lighthearted account of all those “I feel like I’ve seen this before…” moments. The first post was about how the interior of the new Jag XF reminded me of the interior of a mass-market compact sedan. Not that I’m picking on the new Jaguar sedan (which I think actually looks good and will probably sell very well), but there was just something about its rear lights that reminded me of another car first and foremost, rather than of the F-type after which they were actually modeled.2016-Jaguar-XF-33Continue Reading …

Design hero to zero: part 1


The automotive world is littered with success stories of automakers coming up with surprising hits, creating design icons from scratch and capturing the attention of the industry out of the blue (VW Golf, Audi TT, Ford Focus). The way down is often much slower – carmakers gradually give up their dominant position in design until they become a shadow of their former selves – think Cadillac post-1960s, or Audi over the past decade. But sometimes the downfall is sudden and sharp, when in one generation the automaker turns a design leader into a design stinker. This article is the first in a series documenting exactly such cars. Browse through the pics to see the first five offenders and nominate your own candidates in the comment box below.… Continue Reading …

New Jag XE… XF breaks cover!

Big news for Jaguar-philes as the new XF broke cover today, ahead of its debut in New York. Many of you may not have noticed, though, or even thought the car was a long-wheelbase version of the XE for the Chinese market – so close is the new model to its little brother in terms of styling! And it’s not even like either one is that different from the current XF to begin with… Sure, the new car is made partly from aluminum and promises to be quite a bit lighter than the (porky) current XF, but Jaguar seems to have outdone Audi and BMW in terms offering “same sausage, different sizes” to its customers!


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Poll: Should Lamborghini build the Urus?

With Lamborghini yet again releasing “non-news” that it still hasn’t decided on whether to build the Urus, I am starting to think whether they should bother at all, given how long it’s been taking them to make the decision. Personally, I think the more the merrier as long as the product is right, and the Urus certainly looks right (though I would prefer a more original front end). But what do you think?

Should Lamborghini build the Urus?

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