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Hi, thanks for visiting this blog! I hope you enjoy it and will return soon for more information, opinion or news on cars around the world.

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Who am I?

Bart-Demandt-Author-Left-Lane-BlogLet me introduce myself: My name is Bart, I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and I have been following and studying the automotive industry in Europe and the US almost all my life. I have even taken an automotive related study, first at home in The Netherlands at IVA Business school, later at Northwood University in Midland, MI in the United States. I have worked in automotive retail for a number of years through my studies, and once cars are in your blood, they simply won’t let go.

Why did I create this blog?

Since I love cars and the automotive industry, and I enjoy writing and reading about cars more than anything, I decided to create CarSalesBase.com as a blog for people just like me, who are also crazy about cars and the automotive industry. It gives me the opportunity to write about the things I love and that I’m interested in. If you enjoy my articles, and want to participate and write your own auto-related stuff, feel free to join in!

How can you contribute?

You can contribute in a number of ways:

  • Let me know what you want me to write about, if you want to know what I think of a certain subject, or if you just want to get some in-depth information.
  • Comment on my articles: do you agree with me? Or do you disagree? What’s your point-of-view of a subject?
  • Write something yourself if you want the world to know what you think of a certain issue. Or maybe you already have your own blog and want to promote it as a guest writer for CarSalesBase.com?
  • If you have an automotive related website or blog yourself, you may want to reference my articles in one of your own, or you could publish one of my articles on your site. Or you could even ask me to write a guest blog on your site.
  • If you own a company that wants to be known by an audience that is interested in cars, you could advertise on my blog.
  • If you have a reliable source of data of markets, brands or models that we don’t yet feature, let me know so we can grow our database.

Don’t be embarrassed, we all share the same passion and we all love to read and write about it.

Contact me on info@carsalesbase.com or use this contact form:

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  1. Great blog!

  2. Ankit Panigrahi says:

    Very informative

  3. Where you get the data for the car sales from ? Is it reliable ?

  4. Slobodan says:

    Blog is perfect!

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