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European car sales analysis May 2014 – models

After exploring the European brands sales rankings for May, let’s take a look at which models are making waves this month.

Peugeot-2008-auto-sales-statistics-EuropeUnsurprisingly, the Volkswagen Golf is still the leader of the pack, all by itself outselling full brand line-ups like Hyundai or Nissan and Infiniti combined. It even has gained the most units of all models except for the Peugeot 2008, which was still in start-up mode last year.

The 2008 has outsold its archenemy Renault Captur for the very first time ever, leading the small crossover segment, with the Opel/Vauxhall and Dacia Duster not far behind in third and fourth places, taking their distance from the former segment leader Nissan Juke, which is being updated soon.

The success of the 2008 seems to have a downside for Peugeot, as the still relatively fresh 208 subcompact hatchback is losing sales quickly. In fact, whereas the 2008 adds the most units of all models (8.990 sales), the 208 is the biggest volume loser of all models (5.010 sales).… Continue Reading …

Why is the Land Rover Defender really killed?

Land_Rover-Defender-90-river-wadeAs announced almost a year ago, 2015 will mark the end of production of one of the longest running vehicle designs currently on sale. The Land Rover Defender was introduced as the Land Rover Series I in 1948, was renamed Ninety and One Ten in 1983 and renamed again as Defender in the 1990’s, but the basic structure and design haven’t changed much over the past decades.

Jaguar-Land Rover claims that it’s impossible to make the iconic Defender meet the stricter European Union emission standards that go into effect by 2020. The Defender had already been pulled out of the North American market in 1998 when it couldn’t meet the stricter safety regulations of the US and Canada. However, if we look at the sales figures, we can conclude that Europe is one of the Defender’s smallest markets, and not being allowed to sell the model in the European market wouldn’t result in a loss of sales large enough to blame the demise of the model on the regulations.… Continue Reading …

Peugeot trimming its line-up a smart move?

PSA-Peugeot-Citroen-CEO-Carlos_TavaresUnlike many other brands, which are adding models to fill up every possible niche, Peugeot has changed its strategy to focus on fewer models, and focusing on segments in which the brand can compete successfully across the globe, increasing economies of scale. Carlos Tavares, the new CEO of PSA Peugeot-Citroën who is responsible for bringing the company back into profitable territory, has outlined a number of strategies to turn the company around, and one of them is to increase transaction prices.

This strategy is designed to evolve Peugeot from a regular mainstream brand into an upper-class mainstream brand, to avoid the buzz-word “premium”, as every mainstream manufacturer appears to be aiming for a premium image. Tavares wants to be able to raise transaction prices of Peugeot cars in Europe to match those of its competitor Volkswagen, whereas they are trailing the German brand by almost 7%. His aim is to decrease this deficit to 4,7% in 2016 and to less than 3% in 2020. These increased prices should contribute directly to the company’s bottom line, as production costs remain at a similar level. According to Tavares, the technology and quality of the 208 subcompact, 2008 small crossover and 308 compact are already on par with Volkswagen’s and therefore help improve the Peugeot brand image.… Continue Reading …